World Meteorological Organisation

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations providing world leadership in expertise and international cooperation in weather, climate, hydrology and water resources and related environmental issues. Counting 189 Member States and Territories, the WMO facilitates the free and unrestricted exchange of data and information, products and services in real- or near-real time on matters relating to safety and security of society, economic welfare and the protection of the environment.

Acknowledging the impact of Space Weather on meteorological infrastructure and more generally on important human activities, WMO has started an action addressing the observation and service requirements to protect the society against the global hazards of Space Weather. An Interprogramme Coordination Team on Space Weather (ICTSW) has been established in May 2010 co-chaired by Dr Terry Onsager (NOAA) and Dr Xiaoxin Zhang (CMA).