Digisun: a tool to extract scientific data from sunspot drawings

DigiSun is a software developped at Royal Observatory of Belgium to digitize and analyze sunspot drawings. It has been written in successive phases. The last phase of developpement was in 2018 with the re-designing and the rewritting of the program in Python. Although the program has been developped for the ROB needs, it is generic enough to be used by any obsevatory which have sunspot drawings.


Digisun is a graphical user interface (GUI) with the following functionalities:

All the parameters of the groups are then saved in an external database for relevant scientific analysis. In addition, it contains a functionality to perform the scanning of drawings making it a unique end-to-end tool to transform drawings into scientific data.

As illustration, here a screenshot of the drawing analyse page :
drawing analyse


The installation page explains how to install the software (source code or standalone version): installation


A video with all the steps to analyse a drawing: tutorials