SWWT Topical Group "Space Weather Forecast"

Space weatheri events are variations in the electromagnetic and particle environment that take place over differing time scales through the heliospherei (e.g., the Sun, interplanetary space) which change conditions in Earth’s magnetospherei and ionospherei, and at Earth’s surface. A wide range of technology, from satellites to ground-based power and pipeline infrastructure, experiences the hazardous effects of space weatheri. Some effects may be immediate (e.g., HFi communications, power systems), while other effects are cumulative (e.g., satellites, pipelines). Mitigation of these risks requires robust and reliable space weatheri nowcasting and forecasting capabilities.

Several groups that are located in different countries are dealing with the difficult task of providing operational forecasts to a wide variety of end-user groups. The SWWT “Space Weather Forecast” Topical Working Group is a forum for discussion around all questions related to space weatheri forecasting, such as:

  • fast exchange of information during events through a list of members;
  • analysis of operational forecasts during recent events;
  • review of new user requirements for operational forecasts;
  • data gaps and alternative data sources;
  • forecast techniques and models;
  • testing, validation, and verification of new models and forecasts.

Thus, this forum will enhance both operational forecasting practice and the development of forecast techniques.

The Topical Working Group will have its kick-off meeting as a splinter session at the 10th European Space Weatheri Week (ESWW10) in Antwerp, Belgium from 18 to 22 November 2013.


Larisa Trichtchenko (NRCan, Canada) Chair

Shaun Bloomfield (TCD, Ireland) Deputy-Chair

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