SWWT Topical Group "Drivers of Space Weather", Subgroup "Solar Magnetic Energy"

Solar storms (Solar Flares, CMEs, SEP Events) are a result of a conversion of stored magnetic energy. Stretching, twisting and folding of the magnetic field increase the energy.

Mission Statement

The main objectives of the subgroup are:

  • Develop a collaboration between solar physicists and mathematicians on applying topology for better understanding solar storms.
  • Define generally a solar storm (magnetic energy conversion) topologically. Investigate limits of intensity.
  • Study the relationship between solar storms (and global) and the solar dynamo topologically.
  • Compare observations of historical extreme solar storm events with most recent observations by e.g. Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO).


Henrik Lundstedt
Swedish Institute of Space Physics
Scheelv. 17
223 70 Lund
E.mail: henrik@lund.irf.se


A workshop on "Solar Magnetic Activity and Topology" is planned for May/June, 2014 in Lund, Sweden.