SWWT Topical Group "Drivers of Space Weather", Subgroup "Solar Magnetic Energy"

This subgroup is no longer active.

Solar storms (Solar Flares, CMEs, SEP Events) are a result of a conversion of stored magnetic energy. Stretching, twisting and folding of the magnetic field increase the energy.

Mission Statement

The main objectives of the subgroup are:

  • Develop a collaboration between solar physicists and mathematicians on applying topology for better understanding solar storms.
  • Define generally a solar storm (magnetic energy conversion) topologically. Investigate limits of intensity.
  • Study the relationship between solar storms (and global) and the solar dynamo topologically.
  • Compare observations of historical extreme solar storm events with most recent observations by e.g. Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO).


This subgroup is no longer active.


A workshop on "Solar Magnetic Activity and Topology" is planned for May/June, 2014 in Lund, Sweden.