SWWT Topical Working Group "Education, Outreach and Emerging Markets (EOEM)"

This website replaces the previous EOEM website.

Mission Statement

Main objectives of the EOEM Topical Working Group (TWG) are:

  • Education (primary to university), both formally (e.g. schooling, textbooks, etc.) and informally (e.g. museum exhibits/kiosks, career workshops, etc.).
  • Public Outreach activities for all ages (e.g. TV/radio programs, popular books, etc.).
  • Acts as an umbrella for Emerging Markets (e.g. space tourism, human health on Earth) in the context of European space weather services until markets are “mature enough” to have a TWG of their own or be part of one.


Petra Vanlommel, Royal Observatory of Belgium, Ave. Circulaire 3, 1180 Brussels, Belgium
Email: petra.vanlommel@oma.be

Gael Cessateur, Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy, Ave. Circulaire 3, 1180 Brussels, Belgium
Email: gael.cessateur@aeronomie.be


The book “The Northern Lights” by Pål Brekke and Fredrik Broms is now available.

The review “Potential effects of solar and geomagnetic variability on terrestrial biological systems” by Elchin S. Babayev, Norma B. Crosby, Vladimir N. Obridko and Michael J. Rycroft, Chapter 16, pp. 329-376, has been published in Advances in Solar and Solar-Terrestrial Physics, Eds: Georgeta Maris and Crisan Demetrescu, Research Signpost, Kerala, India, 2012, ISBN: 978-81-308-0483-5

Current Activities

  • CLASSROOM collects and provides space weather educational material for the community. This educational tool was launched at the ESWW10 meeting in Nov. 2013.
  • The community continues to take part in the “I Love My Sun” initiative. The dedicated website includes background material and before/after drawings from “I Love My Sun” events. Currently, such events have been performed in Turkey, Belgium, Ukraine and Serbia.


The recent EOEM TWG “Education, Outreach and Emerging Markets: Worldwide Efforts” meeting, attended by more than 20 participants, was held during the ESWW10 meeting in Antwerp, Belgium, on 21 Nov. 2013, 13:30-15:00, and covered the following:

  • Education and Public Outreach highlights from the last ten years.
  • Brainstorming sessions (participants split into four groups) on: 1.) Education and Public Outreach (Who to target?, How to target?), 2.) Emerging Markets (Potential future markets in the context of European space weather services , How to target?).
  • The future of the EOEM TWG: Should it be restructured into two sub-groups (Subgroup 1: Education and Public Outreach, Subgroup 2: Emerging Markets) or two separate TWGs? In regard to the restructuring nothing has yet been decided and suggestions from the community are encouraged.

For more details see: EOEM Splinter Meeting Presentation