STCE newsletter

With proud we announce the release of our STCE News Letter that will be issued on a weekly basis.

The STCE stands for Solar-Terrestrial Centre of Excellence. The centre assembles the sciences from the Sun, passing the heliosphere towards the Earth related to space weather. Applications and services in this field are also a core business. The STCE reinforces the common solar-terrestrial activities of the Belgian Institute of Space Aeronomy, the Royal Observatory of Belgium and the Royal Meteorological Institute.

Latest release

  1. Valentine's aurora?
  2. PROBA2 Observations (5 Feb 2018 - 11 Feb 2018)
  3. Review of solar and geomagnetic activity
  4. The SIDC Space Weather Briefing
  5. The International Sunspot Number
  6. Geomagnetic Observations at Dourbes (5 Feb 2018 - 11 Feb 2018)
  7. Review of ionospheric activity (5 Feb 2018 - 11 Feb 2018)