COSPAR Panel on Space Weather


The next PSW business meeting will take place during the 41st COSPAR Scientific Assembly, 30 July – 7 August, 2016.

Space Weather Roadmap

During the 2012 Assembly in Mysore both PSW and the International Living With a Star Programme Steering Committee made recommendations to the COSPAR bureau regarding the development of a roadmap for space weather science. Consequently a study definition and small study group was compiled by the ILWS SC and PSW officers, and the group was nominated in 2013.

The roadmap group has been active since mid 2013 and the study progress was presented during the 40th Assembly in Moscow, 2014. More information on the roadmap, including team composition can be found here:

The final report is expected to be completed in late 2014.

Panel Events

COSPAR-14-PSW.1: Research Directed toward Space Weather Services
MSO: T Onsager, DSO: I Stanislawska
Room: S1-03, Wednesday 6th August 15:00 - Thursday August 7th 18:30

COSPAR-14-PSW.2: Solar Cycle 24: A Cross-Disciplinary View of this Solar Maximum
MSO: A Glover, DSO: D Heynderickx
Room: S1-03, Tuesday 5th August 09:30 - 18:30

COSPAR-14-PSW.3: Planetary and Solar System Space Weather
MSO: M Grande, DSO: H Spence, S Narendranath
Room: S1-03, Wednesday 6th August 09:30 - 13:00

PSW Business Meeting: Thursday, 7 August 2014, 18:30, room S1-03


Welcome to the COSPAR PSW website. This site is intended to provide news of PSW related business and to maintain an archive of panel activities. If you have suggestions or recommendations for improvements to the site, please don't hesitate to contact the panel officers listed below.

The decision to create the PSW was taken in 1998 with the purpose of bridging the gap between the research and applications communities in this field and fostering cooperation in this new area of research. The initial contact point was G. Rostoker who consulted the Scientific Commission and Panel chairs to define the Panel's terms of reference and to submit a list of proposed officers.

Terms of Reference

With the increasing use of operational communications, global positioning and remote sensing satellites and the expected increase in human activity in space, it has become all the more important to have a full understanding of the impact of the space environment on human and on technological systems. The membership of the PSW features a wide breadth of expertise on topics ranging from the biological effects of radiation and energetic particles on humans in space to the physical mechanisms through which the space environment (solar, magnetospheric, ionospheric and thermospheric) is disturbed and affect satellites and various systems on the ground, including electric power, positioning and communication systems. The purpose of the Panel on Space Weather is to provide to society, through COSPAR, expert knowledge on the space environment and to encourage the development of predictive techniques capable of forecasting changes in the space environment on a time scale that will allow steps to be taken to address the effects of changes in that environment. The Panel acts as a source of advice to the COSPAR Scientific Commissions on matters pertaining to Space Weather that cross the disciplinary boundaries of those Commissions.

Last updated 11 September 2006.

Current Panel Officers

  • Chair:
    • A. Glover (ESA) (alexi.glover - at -
  • Vice-Chairs:
    • T. Obara (Japan) (T.Obara -at-
    • D. Heynderickx (Belgium) (dhconsultancy -at-
    • D. Nandi (India) (dnandi -at-
    • M. Grande (UK) (m.grande -at-

Previous officers

  • 2006 - 2008/10
    • Chair: T. Obara (Japan)
    • V.-Chair. A. Glover (ESA)
    • V.-Chair. T. Onsager (USA)
  • 2003 - 2006
    • Chair: A. Hilgers (ESA)
    • V.-Chair: T. Onsager (USA)
    • V.-Chair: T. Obara (Japan)
  • 1999 - 2003
    • Chair: T. Onsager (USA)
    • V.-Chair: Y. Kamide

Meetings and Events

Upcoming Assembly

  • Available in 2015

Previous Assemblies

  • Research directed toward space weather services, 40th Scientific Assembly, Moscow 2014
  • Solar Cycle 24: A Cross-Disciplinary View of This Solar Maximum, 40th Scientific Assembly, Moscow 2014
  • Planetary and Solar System Space Weather, 40th Scientific Assembly, Moscow 2014
  • Space Weather: Fundamental Physics to Operational Forecasting, 39th Scientific Assembly, Mysore, 2012
  • Cross Disciplinary Challenges in Space Situational Awareness, 39th Scientific Assembly, Mysore, 2012
  • Space Weather Data: Observations and Exploitation for Research and Applications, 39th Scientific Assembly, Mysore, 2012
  • Space Weather Modelling and Observations: from Research to Verified Operational Products, 38th COSPAR Scientific Assembly, Bremen, Germany, 2010
  • Space Situational Awareness and its Relationship with Science, 38th COSPAR Scientific Assembly, Bremen, Germany, 2010
  • Preparing for the Next Solar Maximum, 37th COSPAR Scientific Assembly, Montreal, Canada, 2008
  • Space Weather: Observations and Modeling for Applications and Operations, 36th COSPAR Scientific Assembly, Beijing, China, 2006
  • Space Weather Prediction: Applications and Validation, 35th COSPAR Scientific Assembly, Paris, France, 2004
  • Space Weather: Research and Applications, 34th COSPAR Scientific Assembly, Houston, Texas, USA, 2002
  • Space Weather, 33rd COSPAR Scientific Assembly, Warsaw, Poland, 2000

Business Meeting Reports

Related Awards

Zeldovich Medals

  • E. Podladchikova, 2008, development and implementation of a method to statistically analyse solar eruption ensembles

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