Space Weatheri and Europe, an Educational Tool with the Sun

Space weatheri is primarily an astronomical phenomenon due to the solar activity and cosmic rays but its study is by nature interdisciplinary and encompasses various fields of physics, engineering and human activities. Space weatheri showed already significant effects like failures in satellite navigation (GPS), in telecommunication, or spacecraft losses, electricity cut off, pipeline corrosion, radiation risks on aircraft passengers and electronics. It will increase the impacts on every day life - like for instance on applications of Galileo satellite navigation. Space weatheri effects on terrestrial weather like global warming are studied, on long-term climate change and on biological systems have been conjectured.

SWEETS will also demonstrate the beauty and significance of the Sun, solar activities, cosmic rays and space weatheri to Europe. The solar aspect of this phenomenon becomes known more and more to the public. However the other ones remain largely ignored despite of its great potential of interest for several scientific, commercial and public sectors all over Europe. Europe achieved significant capacities in the field of space weatheri as well as solar science and this will be presented in the public.

SWEETS project aims to promoting and raising public awareness by means of very attractive and high quality deliverables (like space weatheri mobile truck tour, web quiz, DVD, festivals & fair, rocket & balloon campaign and space weatheri TV movie) during science weeks and festivals in 27 countries all over Europe. The main space weatheri festival will take place during the European Science Week between 19 – 24 November 2007 at the Schwerin castle / House of Parliament in Germany.
SWEETS has 13 important elements

  1. The cooperations with the International Heliophysical Year (IHY), the European COST actions 724 and 296 on space weatheri and ionospherei ,
  2. on tour-mobile truck with space weatheri exhibition and a small fair,
  3. science festivals, talk shows and workshops,
  4. TV/internet streaming of main space weatheri festival/forum at Schwerin castle,
  5. video links to space weatheri telescopes in Australia, Japan and Germany,
  6. space weatheri and solar web quiz + visits of national space weatheri and solar institutes,
  7. rocket/balloon launch,
  8. space weatheri, solar activity, rocket/balloon launch and aurora movie production,
  9. first European space weatheri multimedia dance show,
  10. real time space weatheri storm display,
  11. production of mirror system for solar movie display,
  12. European wide media partnership and
  13. update of ESTW 2002/SWE project deliverables (update of space weatheri CD-Rom as DVD, also in 7 new languages), cosmic rayi spark chamber , planetarium performance, usage and update of space weatheri exhibition panels, poster and flyers).