ENLIL: 3-D MHD heliospheric code

ENLIL is a time-dependent 3D MHD model of the heliosphere, developed by D. Odstrcil (George Mason University and NASA GSFC Space Weather Laboratory). It solves equations for plasma mass, momentum and energy density, and magnetic field, using a Flux-Corrected-Transport (FCT) algorithm. Its inner radial boundary is located beyond the sonic point, typically at 21.5 or 30 solar radii. The real-time run uses Wang-Sheeley-Arge (WSA) for inner boundary conditions. The outer radial boundary can be adjusted to include planets or spacecraft of interest (eg 2 AU to include both Earth and Mars, 5 AU to include Ulysses, 10 AU to include Cassini). It covers 60 degrees north to 60 degrees south in latitude and 360 degrees in azimuth.

Explanation of the figure


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