Welcome to the European Space Weather Portal (ESWeP), an integrated website providing a centralized access point to the space weather community to share their knowledge and results. Initiated under the COST 724 Action and hosted by the Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy, the ESWeP will be further developed in the framework of various European space weather projects.

On the left-hand side of this website, you will find the ESWeP menu. It provides links to web services, contact pages and various outreach pages. You will also find a login section, where you can register if you want to. Registered users have more privileges than others. There is also a search engine which you can use to find text contained in this website.

A service for the general public

On the ESWeP, a large section is devoted to education and outreach. Children as young as five years old are invited to get involved in some of these activities. For example, artworks illustrating space weather made by primary school children from several countries are presented on the website. Most of the outreach pages are translated into different languages thanks to the contribution of several members of the COST Action. You will be able to see the translations by searching on the right-hand side of the website. Please note that if no translation is available English is used as the default language.

You can read more about Space Weather on our Introduction page. The Portal provides also a platform to run local and remote models and access their results both in graphical and various numerical forms.